December 5th, 2013
Moderator for the conference : Bernard Malfroy-Camine
7:45 am Registration & breakfast
8:30 am Welcoming introduction: Fabien Fieschi, Consul general of France in Boston (tbc)
8:45 am Welcome address:
  Dr. Susan Windham-Bannister - President & CEO, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center
9:00 am Keynote address: Scientific director
  Christophe Benoist - Grove-Rasmussen Professor, Harvard Medical School
9:20 am Introduction
  Cécile Tharaud - CEO, Inserm Transfert
9:30 am Round table 1 – Open innovation: fad or strategy?
  Given the speed of innovation, it is not always possible for pharmas to keep pace with the cutting edge research only through internal development. In a world that is more and more open, innovation is promoted at the widest possible scope, including partnerships with public research bodies, academic and patients’ organisations [and Public Authorities]. « Open innovation », a concept first formulated by Henry Chesbrough in 2003, is read and heard more and more frequently in the communications of the pharmas’ leaders. Beyond the buzzword, there might be a new and challenging innovation model and new strategies for pharmas to be questionned.
  Moderator: Cécile Tharaud - CEO, Inserm Transfert
  Erik Halvorsen - Executive Director of TIDO, Boston Children’s Hospital
  Brian Piper - Senior Director, Strategic Investment Group, Shire Pharmaceuticals
  William Kohlbrenner - Director, Global External Research, AbbVie
  Christophe Benoist - Grove-Rasmussen Professor, Harvard Medical School
10:45 am Coffee Break
11:15 am Round table 2 – Alliance management: A true necessity to combine cultures
  Open innovation strategies of biomedical industry generate a growing number of alliances and collaborations with external research stakeholders such as academia. However, even though pharmaceutical industry and Academia have been collaborating since a long time, approaches and cultures remain different. Beyond the ultimate goal of meeting patient’s needs, conditions in which such alliances can be successful or not are to be addressed.
  Moderator: Laura Richman - Vice President, R&D-Translational Sciences, MedImmune
  David E. Brook - Founder and Principal, Hamilton, Brook, Smith, Reynolds
  Denise Hirsch - IP Director, Inserm Transfert
  Mallory Wolff - Director Business Development, Strategic Partnerships
  Julia Gershkovich - Head of US R&D Alliance Management, Sanofi
  Bertrand Nadel – Scientist, CIML/Inserm
12:30 pm Lunch
1:45 pm Keynote address: Scientific director
  Joshua Boger - Founder, Vertex
2:15 pm Round table 3 – Entrepreneurship: a Pandora box or a holy grail?
  Invention in fundamental biomedical research and its valorisation can lead to the inception of successful spin-off companies and be ultimately sources of innovation for patients and economic growth. Behind these successes, many great ideas do not become reality, and this can question the choice of creating a start up, the context in which it is made, and the involvement of the stakeholders.
  Moderator: Johannes Fruehauf - Founder & Executive Director, Lab Central
  Matthieu Coutet - Director, Inserm Transfert Initiative
  Nina Green - Director, Tufts University Office for Technology Licensing and Industry
  Denis Lucquin - Managing Partner, Sofinnova Partners
  Mark Levin - Partner, Third Rock Ventures
  Sacha Loiseau - CEO, Mauna Kea Technologies
3:30pm Coffee Break
4:00 pm Round table 4 – Patient advocacy association: a catalyst for innovation?
  How fostering innovation is the issue that animates the whole conference. Academic, industrial and financial communities have voiced their point of view, but there is another community which takes a growingly important role: Patient associations. If regulatory authorities accept to incorporate patients in their decision-making bodies, this is not always the same for industry and academics.
  Moderator: Brad Margus - President, AT-CP
  Nicolas Levy - Director, Fondation Maladies Rares
  Frédéric Chereau - Senior Vice President and Franchise Lead, Shire
  Melissa Stevens - Deputy Executive Director, FasterCures
  Emmanuelle Voisin - CEO, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences
5:15 pm Closure day 1